On 11th August GNR Sintra, conducted a search operation as part of an investigation into the theft of non-precious metals in the municipality of Sintra.

In recent months the town of Terrugem – Sintra has suffered from the theft of tens of water meters from private homes and industrial areas, causing considerable material damage. As a result of the execution of  a house search warrant and a search of a vehicle the following was seized: two shotguns; an incomplete shotgun; a large knife; deburring machines for cutting metals; cutting discs;  parts and pieces of non-precious metals that make up the water meters; several documents concerning the sale of these items, as well as various tools needed to carry out the thefts.

During the investigation, an individual was identified in possession of several water meters, who had dismantled and cut them into pieces, making it difficult to identify the origin of the objects. The suspect, aged 19, has appeared in court and subject to remand at his residence pending further investigation.