The National Republican Guard (GNR) will carry out an inspection operation for the transportation of dangerous goods throughout the country as of today 14th September, they announced.

The operation, which will continue until Sunday, involves means of the territorial commands and the National Traffic Unit and the inspection will focus on violations in the scope of the transport of dangerous goods, among them the lack of a transport document, circulation without a certificate approval or without the driver having a training certificate.

Access to the transport activity, non-compliance with the rules regarding the installation and use of the tachograph, the circulation of vehicles without having undergone mandatory periodic inspection, driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics and the non-use of the seat belt and / or restraint systems are other infractions that GNR will inspect.

“In road freight transport, dangerous goods are of central importance in the economies of modern societies and deserve increased attention from economic agents and authorities with responsibilities in this area, due to the risk associated with loading and unloading actions, packaging and transport of this type of material ”, remembers the GNR, in a statement.

The National Republican Guard also says that these types of operations, “aimed at risk factors, groups and places, are intended not only to provide better road safety, but also to increase the efficiency and quality of the services provided by GNR to road users” .