On 9th March the Centre of Criminal Investigation GNR Tavira conducted an operation against drug trafficking, executing three search warrants at two residences located in Olhão and another residence located in Castro Marim.

The operation which continued until 10th March, followed an investigation that had been conducted over the last year and culminated in the arrest of three persons aged 23, 25 and 31 years of age, and the detention of a 19 year old all for drug trafficking.

During the operation the GNR seized 279 individual doses of heroin, two firearms and various ammunition, an extendable baton, a melee weapon, two cars and €2,200 in cash, as well as many articles related to packaging and distribution of narcotic products, in the form of direct sale to the consumer.

Upon the completion of this operation the GNR believes that this has delivered a severe blow to drug trafficking activity in the municipalities of Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António.

The detainees, one of whom had a criminal record for the crime of serious assault, will be presented at the Judicial District Court of Faro and Vila Real de Santo António for application to be placed in remand pending trial.