The National Republican Guard (GNR), in partnership with the Portuguese technological group TEKEVER, will test tomorrow, February 23, in Barreiro, at 09:00 hours, the utility of social networks in the response of public security authorities dealing with emergency  situations.

The exercise, which will take place at the Business Park of Baía do Tejo in Lavradio – Barreiro, includes the simulation of an earthquake with several replicas and takes place within the framework of the European project “SOTERIA”

The GNR military on the ground will be called upon to intervene in several emergency situations, including:

  • Aid to victims buried in debris after a factory collapses;
  • Spillage of highly flammable products;
  • Search and rescue of three victims of a road accident with a vehicle falling in a river.

The “SOTERIA” Project is part of the European Union’s research and development support projects. Its objective is to research, develop and present recommendations for emergency intervention and to design / develop a tool for social networks in emergency situations. This tool will enable public security-related organizations, from the point of view of safety and security, as well as citizens, to proactively use the new online mass media communication means to communicate before, during and after the occurrence of an emergency.

The aim is to encourage the two-way exchange of useful information between these organizations and citizens in the case of critical intervention in emergency situations, maintenance of public order and tranquillity, and medical care.