The GNR announced on 23rd December the arrest of three young people for drug trafficking in Viseu and the seizure of more than a thousand doses of cocaine in an investigation that lasted about six months.

In a statement, the GNR de Viseu reports that the arrest of the three men, aged between 25 and 29 years, was carried out by military personnel from the Criminal Investigation Center of Viseu, in collaboration with the Criminal Investigation Center of Santa Comba Dão.

“As part of the investigation, which took place about six months ago, two home searches and two non-domiciliary searches were carried out in Viseu and Oporto,” he adds.

According to the GNR, 1177 doses of cocaine, a shotgun, a vehicle, ten mobile phones, five caliber cartridges, four LCDs, three computers, a gold ring, a precision scale, various equipment and sound instruments were seized, Various pairs of tennis and snippets for narcotic packaging.

Two of the suspects were subject to pre-trial detention, while the other was subjected to weekly presentations at the GNR station in their area of ​​residence.