The Government has recognised as a natural disaster the fire that struck several parishes of the municipalities of Vila de Rei and Mação, between July 20 and 23, and will grant aid to farms, was announced today.

In an order published today in Diário da República, the Government states that the forest fires that broke out between July 20 and 23, “of enormous and devastating proportions, caused extensive damage and losses, particularly in certain parishes of the municipalities of Vila de Rei and Mação ”, in the districts of Castelo Branco and Santarém, respectively.

Thus, according to the order, the Government also establishes aid, through the Mainland Rural Development Program (PDR 2020), for the restoration or restoration of the productive potential of damaged farms, as it had previously done with the storm. Leslie who hit the center zone, particularly Figueira da Foz, in October 2018.

Support under this operation is intended to help rebuild or restore production conditions on farms affected by natural disasters, adverse weather accidents or catastrophic events in order to create conditions for their return to normal activity.

The parishes most affected by the flames were Foundada and São João do Peso, in the municipality of Vila de Rei, and Almond and Cardigos, in the municipality of Mação.

Only those holdings whose damage suffered exceeds 30% of their agricultural potential shall be eligible for the aid.

According to the order published today, the levels of support to be granted are divided into the following categories: 100% of eligible expenditure up to and including € 5,000, 85% for losses between € 5,000 and € 50,000 and € 50 % between 50 thousand euros and 800 thousand euros.

The fire that erupted on July 20 in Vila de Rei and spread to the municipality of Mação, was reportedly dominated on July 23, causing 17 injured transported to the hospital, according to authorities.