The various reports and documents already prepared on the fire that killed 64 people in Pedrógão Grande in June were made public yesterday (9th August).

At the same time, Minister Constança Urbano de Sousa ordered the application of penalties to the SIRESP operator and announced a new investigation, to establish disciplinary responsibilities in the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Internal Administration (SGMAI).

However it was concluded that security forces did not send motorists to that road where many of the deaths occurred (or which there was no warning of the risks involved).

The Minister of Internal Administration, also acknowledged to the journalists that there was “uncoordination at the command post” of the ANPC in Pedrógão Grande, namely in its articulation with the other civil protection agents in the field – reason why one of the measures to be implemented by ANPC is to put a communications technician in all the command posts and control the biggest fires.

The minister asserted that the “lack of articulation between the SGMAI, PSP, ANPC and GNR regarding the detection of problems in communications and the activation and mobilization of the Mobile Station, which was reflected in excessive delays in its availability”, was exacerbated by choosing the place where the command post was installed.

The ANPC has 15 days to complete a “liaison plan … with all liaison officers of all Civil Protection agents” in order to “improve coordination and operational response” given to citizens.

Constança Urbano de Sousa also determined the “establishment of possible disciplinary responsibilities” based on the ongoing report of the National Directorate of Audit and Supervision of ANMP to comply with the Integrated Protection and Relief Operations System and the Operations Management System. This survey also covers the articulation between the on-site PC command post, the Leiria District Relief Operations Command and the various civil protection agents involved.

It should be noted that investigations are also underway by the Public Ministry and the Independent Technical Commission set up by Parliament, as well as a study on the behavior and dynamics of the fire in Pedrógão Grande. The second part of the Telecommunication Institute study on the operation of SIRESP is still underway.