This Saturday, the prime minister will announce measures to combat covid-19 under the presidential decree that extended the state of emergency in Portugal for another 15 days, a diploma that was approved on Friday in parliament.

The announcement of the measures should take place at 1800 hrs, advances RTP3. The restrictions will be announced on Saturday afternoon, the second curfew, effective from 1 pm, within two weeks.

At the end of the parliamentary debate, the Minister of Internal Administration, Eduardo Cabrita, admitted that the number of municipalities with high levels of contagion will increase, now reaching two hundred, and added that the Government “will continue” to act in terms of restrictive measures based on a differentiation logic at the local level.

This estimate on the number of municipalities with more than 240 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants in the last 15 days was presented by Eduardo Cabrita hours before the Government met in the Council of Ministers on Friday afternoon.

Before the deputies, this member of the Government also considered it almost certain that, within 15 days, parliament would meet again to deliberate on a new presidential decree then for the second extension of the state of emergency.

The presidential decree that renews the state of emergency again allows the compulsory confinement of infected people or those under active surveillance, as well as the total or partial closure of establishments, services and companies.

According to the diploma, the exercise of the rights to freedom and displacement is partially suspended, allowing, “to the extent strictly necessary and proportionally, compulsory confinement in a health establishment, at home or, not being possible there. , in another place defined by the competent authorities, of persons carrying the SARS-CoV-2 virus, or under active surveillance “.

The draft decree of the President of the Republic also limits the exercise of private, social and cooperative initiative, establishing that “the total or partial closure of establishments, services, companies or means of production may be determined by the competent public authorities and changes are imposed on the respective operating hours or regime “.

This law also allows restrictive measures to be adopted to contain the covid-19 by groups of municipalities, including the ban on circulation in certain periods or days of the week.

According to the diploma, “in municipalities with higher levels of risk, necessary restrictions may be imposed to reduce the risk of contagion and implement measures to prevent and combat the epidemic, and the measures to be adopted must be calibrated according to the degree of risk. of each municipality “.

According to the draft decree, the exercise of the rights to freedom and movement is partially suspended so that these restrictions are allowed in the municipalities, “and, for this purpose, they can be grouped according to the data and assessment of the competent authorities, including a ban on driving on public roads during certain periods of the day or certain days of the week, as well as a ban on travel that is not justified “.