The Assistant Secretary of State and Internal Administration, Isabel Oneto, said that the Government will carry out refurbishment works in several police stations of the Public Security in the Azores.

In the ceremony of the 19th anniversary of the Regional Command of the Azores of the PSP, Isabel Oneto said that among the investments that will be made, following up on several works already in progress, as well as the refurbishments of stations in the Northeast and Ribeira Grande.

After the works at São Roque do Pico, Santa Cruz and Lajes das Flores, Velas de São Jorge and in the police division of Horta, the Government will also advance works in the facilities of São Joaquim (Ponta Delgada), Angra do Heroísmo and of the Regional Command of the Azores.

Isabel Oneto pointed out that “the Azores have the lowest crime rate per thousand inhabitants of the country” and constitute “a peaceful society where public order remains”, as well as social peace.

“It is not because there is less crime that there must be fewer means or fewer resources. We must at least maintain and increase where necessary to maintain the sense of security, a fundamental factor for the social and economic development of any region, “she added.

The Secretary of State also highlighted the role of the Regional Government in the “contribution it has given to the reinforcement and support in terms of means and equipment” for the PSP, as well as of the local authorities “in the maintenance and re-furbishment of some infrastructures”.