The PSP have reported that the Loures Police Division, PSP Metropolitan Command PSP Lisbon,  following a 6 month investigation have arrested 3 men and  one woman aged between 28 and 58 years on suspicion of trafficking in drugs.

During the investigation arrests were made ​​in the municipalities of Odivelas and Amadora and included home searches conducted in the municipalities of Loures – Apelação e de Odivelas – Serra da Luz e Póvoa de Santo Adrião e ainda in the Council of Amadora. During the operation over several days at total of 14621.37 gms of suspected heroine, € 970 in cash, three vehicles and 10 mobile phones were seized.

The amount of heroine seized equates to about 175,600 individual doses and upon being adulterated, cut and placed on the “market” could be valued at about € 500,000.

With the arrests that have already been made and the consequent dismantling of what the PSP are sure to be a criminal network that supplied the region of “Greater Lisbon”, they believe this is a blow to the trafficking of “heroin” in the region


The detainees, all with criminal records, will today present the first court hearing in the Judicial Court of Loures.