The Spanish Civil Traffic Guard has detected a group of cars that crossed Portugal and Spain as part of illegal road racing. Three drivers were arrested, eight reported and several cars seized.

The race was intercepted in the municipality of Saragossa, on the AP-2 road, when the vehicles were travelling between Catalonia and Madrid, one of several stages of the route, called by the organizers “The Challenge 2017 – The Private Rally” ( The 2017 Challenge – The Private Rally).

The facts occurred on September 5 but only now came to the public, through the Spanish Civil Guard Traffic (Civil Guard Traffic).

The warning about the presence of several vehicles moving at abnormally high speeds was given by several motorists to the authorities, who quickly set up an operation to find the transgressors.

According to the Spanish newspaper “ABC”, the Guard placed a mobile radar on the road linking Zaragoza to Madrid, detecting eleven vehicles that were participating in the race. Of these, three were running at more than 210 kms per hour, almost double the maximum speed allowed by law.

On that day and the next day, police were able to intercept and detain the three drivers. The vehicles were seized.

The suspects were in possession of credentials issued by the organization of the race and detailed documentation on the various stages of the race, which runs through Spain and Portugal.

During the days that followed, police were able to identify eight more vehicles suspected of taking part in the same illegal race, which, despite being detected at a higher speed than allowed, did not reach the numbers that led to the arrests.

According to the authorities, it is a race divided into stages, some of which would be carried out on Portuguese roads.

According to the Spanish newspaper, some of the vehicles had stickers to cover the license plates and, thus, prevent them from being detected by the radars. Source Diarios de Noticais