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To help find the Information that you may require we have created two new pages:

Air Travel 


This covers the laws concerning travel to and from Portugal to countries within the EU as well as others – Refer here

Land and Sea Travel 


This covers Portugal’s land border with Spain as well as sea travel including that between the UK and Spain – Refer here 

There are people who are allowed to travel between Portugal and the UK crossing through Spain and France. It is important to lnow the restrictions and they can be found on the same page.


Last update 11th March 2021

France is to ease restrictions on travel to and from seven countries outside the EU, including the UK.

The ministry said in a statement that people travelling to and from those seven countries will no longer have to provide documentation proving that they have a “compelling” reason for their voyage such as a family or medical emergency.

French Tourism Minister Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne said this easing was due to the improving health situation in those countries.

“The list includes Britain, because the UK variant now also circulates widely in France,” he added on his Twitter feed.

All other restrictions, such as a requirement for a negative Covid-19 test less than 72 hours before travel, would remain in place, the ministry said, adding a decree was due to be published on Friday.


Earlier Update

Air Travel latest Updates 26th February 2021

Order No. 2207-B/2021 Publication: Diário da República no. 40/2021, 1st Supplement, Series II of 2021-02-26

 Issuer: Foreign Affairs, National Defence, Home Affairs, Health and Infrastructure and Housing – Offices of the Minister of State and Foreign Affairs, the Ministers of National Defence and Home Affairs, the Minister of Health and the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing

Defines the measures applicable to air traffic to and from mainland Portugal Refer to our Air Travel page here 


EC Ruling Compensation concerning flight cancellations  Download here: 

IATA International air travel information

In connection with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, IATA have published a list of travel restriction in various countries which may affect your travel arrangements. If any new travel restrictions will be imposed, IATA ensures the list is updated accordingly.

The full latest list of countries can be download from IATA here.   

Travellers to/from UK should always check with their travel provider direct or GOV. UK Travel advice Portugal  for the latest information and support

Ferries UK


Official travel  restrictions to Portugal from the following countries – Embassy/foreign Office contact list


Flights to and from Portugal Live Departure and Arrivals

The schedule of the arrival and departure of international flights at Portuguese airports can be found from the websites of the airports concerned  (live updates) as follows:








There are two updates to read below namely:

1.Travel by Portuguese citizens overseas

2.Border travel restrictions between Portugal and Spain

3. Extends the ban on disembarkation and land permits for passengers and crew of cruise ships in national ports until 23:59 hours on February 15, 2021, (no changes) (Order 1242-c/2021)


1.Portuguese citizens overseas travel  – Full details Article 4  of Decree 3D/2021

The Government determined a measure of self-determination of Portuguese citizens in continental territory, taking into account the evolution of the epidemiological situation worldwide, the increase in cases of infection by SARS-CoV-2 in Portugal and the detection of new strains of the virus, which effective from 00:00 on Sunday until the end of February 14th.

Thus, the movement of Portuguese citizens outside the continental territory, made by any road – road, rail, air, river or sea, is prohibited.

Only strictly essential travel such as:

– Performance of professional activities with an international dimension duly documented;

– Departure from the mainland of Portuguese citizens residing in other countries;

– Exceptionally, for the purpose of family reunion of spouses or similar and family members up to 1st degree on the straight line;

– Cargo or mail transportation;

– For humanitarian purposes or medical emergencies;

– International transport of goods, cross-border or seasonal workers and emergency, relief and urgency vehicles;

– Travel to the Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira.


2. Border Travel between Portugal and Spain – Article 5 of Decree 3D/2021

Please see our Land and Sea Travel update page


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