The National Guard, the Public Security Police, the Judicial Police and the Tax and Customs Authority conducted throughout the national territory, on 6 and 7 September, the European operation “JPO Cars”. This involved the control and monitoring of vehicles on land and sea borders, in order to detect vehicle crime, with a particular focus on trafficking and match-fixing cars.

In the two days of the operation, 19739 cars, 2255 people and 3018 documents, were checked resulting in:

21 seized vehicles, especially:

  • Five for fraud;
  • Five for tax debts;
  • Two for theft.

13 people were arrested, among them being an individual for illegally in the country who went missing in France two years ago. The detainee, with a criminal record in France for theft, violence and sexual assault, had no residence permit in the Schengen area. He was arrested while trying to leave the country, towards France.

174 notices of administrative offense, mainly by road and environmental violations were issued.