In 2018, 3,343 drug seizures (all types) were registered, of which 2,928 are recorded by weight and 412 in units and 3 in liquid form.

Cocaine appears as the narcotic with largest amounts seized.

Cocaine Seizures

In 2018, in terms of combating cocaine trafficking, approximately 5.53 tonnes were seized, in a total of 498 cases. The amount of cocaine seized increased by 102.6% in 2018, compared to with the previous year, standing at 5,538.23 kg compared with 2,734.16 kg seized in 2017. This is the highest since 2015.

The increase in quantities seized is associated with an increase of 16.9% in the number of cases which rose from 426 to 498, which is the highest in the last five years.

Of the quantities seized 90.9% (5,036.07 kg) was by the Judicial Police. The GNR also recorded a very significant increase in the quantities seized, from 45.5 kg in 2017 to 365. 51 kg in 2018.

In seizures of cocaine, the sea route continues to be the used for the transportation of high quantities, reaching in 2018 a total of 3,101.16 kg in 8 cases. These values represent 56% of the total cocaine seized, but only 1.61% of cases,

The overland route comes with 2,117.51 ​​kg (38.23%) in 342 cases (68.67%), followed by the airway with 309.76 kg seized in 105 cases.


As recorded in previous years, the national territory continues to be used by several groups and organizations as a transit point for significant quantities of cocaine from the Latin America and the Caribbean, whose final destination is for other European countries.

Based on the division of the various flows identified by geographic area of ​​origin, as in previous years Brazil stands out both for the number of seizures (100) and for the amount seized (277.70 kg). In terms of quantities, Martinique, with 840,00 kg, and Colombia, with 485.45 kg, appear as the main countries of origin of cocaine seized.

Regarding the destinations Spain was identified as a destination country of 2,148.95 kg 18 seizures, corresponding to 38.8% of the total cocaine seized, but only3.6% of the total seizures.

With the same number of cases, France was a destination country with 870.21 kg of cocaine seized. Only 12 were the final destination were non-European countries

Portugal was identified as a destination country of 1,007.73 kg seized on 67 occasions.

It should be noted that of the 498 seizures registered there is only information on the route in 123 situations, the others being unknown.

At the national level, the districts where the largest quantities of cocaine are: Lisbon (2,419.54kg), Azores (2,270.39 kg), Setúbal (481.87 kg) and Santarem (340.03kg).

As regards the number of seizures, only two districts exceed 100 cases: Lisbon with 148 and Faro with 102.