The Judicial Police, through the National Unity Combating Drug Trafficking, conducted an operation that has succeeded in dismantling the European component and part of the South American component of a highly organized transcontinental criminal association, which was engaged in covert cocaine trafficking originating in Brazil and destined for Europe.

The criminal organization in question, composed of Brazilian and Portuguese nationals., carrying out their crimes in both countries. The investigation was conducted over a period of about a year. and culminated with the arrest of five men, as well as the seizure of 491 kg of cocaine, four motor vehicles, several thousand euros and foreign currencies, a large amount of telecommunications equipment and information technology, several firearms including a pistol, two rifles and a shotgun, hundreds of ammunition, among other goods and objects resulting from their criminal activity.

The five detainees, aged between 32 and 52 years, were presented at the first judicial interrogation and four have been placed under remand in custody and a fifth confined to his residence and prohibition of contact with the other suspects. The investigation is continuing in the context of international cooperation.