The Judiciary Police, through the Northern Board, have identified and arrested six men caught in the act following numerous cases of breaking into properties committed during the last two weeks in the northern region of Portugal.

The modus operandi used was the scaling and burglary of houses located in areas with residents of high socioeconomic status These occoured in the evening, taking advantage of the fact that the residents had not yet returned home after work.

During 16th/.17th December three robberies took place at homes in the areas of Braga and Oliveira de Azeméis.

The criminal group has been in Portugal since the beginning of November, and there are strong indications that have committed dozens of thefts throughout the country.

The crimes in question have provoked a great social alarm, since they are committed with great efficiency and professionalism, targeting commercial establishments and houses from which high value goods have been stolen and immediately sent overseas.

Following the investigation it was possible to apprehend the detainees and about €13.000 in cash, vehicles, presumably false identification documents, caps and disguises, gloves, electric grinders, and other objects that were carried in backpacks for the commission of the crimes.

Those now detained, of foreign nationality, aged between 24 and 43 years old, all resident abroad, are part of a larger international criminal organization suspected of having committed several other crimes of this nature in the northern part of Portugal.

The detainees have appeared for first judicial interrogation and application of conditions.