The Cybercrime Unit of the Judiciary Police (PJ) today announced the arrest of a woman who used her employer’s bank card codes to get her about 43,000 euros for almost a year.

According to the Unit to Combat Cybercrime and Technological Crime, the woman did domestic work at the injured person’s home in the Lisbon area and abused a trusting relationship using the cards to raise money for themselves.

The woman was present at a first judicial interrogation and the authorities seized several objects acquired with the money that was able to remove to the boss.

That specialized unit of the PJ also participated in Switzerland in an investigation into card-sharing cases, which consist of illegitimate access to coded television channels carried out by Portuguese people in Swiss territory.

Computer hardware was seized that will be examined by the Portuguese police to try to identify suspects.

The PJ warns that anyone who illegally accesses encrypted cable, satellite or fiber channels risks a sentence of up to three years in prison.