On 8th October the Judicial Police, through the National Unit for Combating Drug Trafficking, in cooperation with the Tax Authority and Customs, arrested four foreign nationals, two men and two women, strongly suspected being part of a network importing cocaine into the Iberian Peninsula, and further distribution through illicit circuits, considerable quantities of the drug shipped from South America by air.

The arrest of the two women took place at the Lisbon International Airport where a total of 16 kilograms of cocaine was discovered in the linings of two suitcases transported from Santa Fe de Bogota, Colombia.

Based on this arrest by the Judicial Police, it was possible to identify and arrest the planned recipients of narcotic product, who lived in Madrid, but who had expressly travelled to Lisbon to collect the cocaine that had been seized. The detainees, aged between 28 and 54 years old, all of them unemployed, were present at the first judicial interrogation