The Judicial Police warns, once again, to the danger of sharing videos and photos via the internet

The Judicial Police, through the Department of Criminal Investigation of Aveiro, have identified and arrested a young man, 20 years old, for child pornography.

The victim, now 15 year-old met the suspect through a social network, during 2014, having established a “friendship.”

For several months, at his request, the victim sent him numerous photographs and videos of an intimate nature.

When earlier this year she indicated she intended to end this relationship “online”, the suspect, in retaliation, released these photos and videos on Facebook pages to the victim’s classmates.

During a house search sequence performed at home the suspect, the said media files were seized, plus a laptop computer and a smartphone number in a mobile phone, which he kept stored.

The detainee appeared to the competent judicial Authorities for judicial interrogation, with an application that he be banned from contact with minors, banned for using the internet, and report three times a week to police.

As part of this investigation a 17 year old person was arrested caught in the act in possession of the videos and the victim photos published on the Internet.

He has been notified to appear in DIAP of Viseu, in order to be subjected to judicial interrogation by judicial Authorities and the application of enforcement measures.

The judicial Police alert once more to the dangers of sharing intimate photographs or videos by internet, especially with people who they do not know.