The Judicial Police, through the Northern Board of Directors, have identified and detained whilst caught in the act, the alleged suspect of a fire in an apartment, located in Canidelo – Vila Nova de Gaia.

The fire was caused by a lighter, whilst the suspect who is mental imbalanced, had consumed drugs.

During the afternoon of Monday 12th March, the detainee ignited the bed duvet, located in the room of the house, when he was using the lighter and consuming narcotics and with minors present in the house.

As a result of this conduct, both the perpetrator and the minors had to receive medical assistance due to the inhalation of toxic fumes.

The fire affected the dwelling considerably, endangering the other residences in the building and caused damage to the façade of the building.

The 55-year-old detainee, who is not employed, will be present at the competent judicial authorities for first judicial interrogation and enforcement of pre-trial measures considered appropriate