Dozens of Judicial Police inspectors carried out searches on 7th February in an investigation involving hospitals in Lisbon, Almada, Setúbal, Portimão and Faro concerning contracts amounting to around two million damages to the state

The National Unit Against Corruption of the Judicial Police is investigating suspected crimes in the operation of bars and coffee shops in hospitals in Lisbon, Setúbal, Portimão and Faro. According to information gathered by the DN, dozens of UNCC inspectors carried out searches to collect documentation this Tuesday. The Judiciary called it “Operation Clean Dishes”.

The case involves, a public employee of the Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa, and her husband, an entrepreneur, who unlawfully disclosed various information on public tenders. The couple was made constuído defendido.

The Diarios de Noticais has reported that, the public servant was able to obtain information on proposals from other competitors who applied for bar and cafeteria contracts, informing her husband that, as an entrepreneur, she has always been able to present the lowest tenders, thus obtaining the winning bid. The amounts involved amount to around two million euros.