The fire that began last night (6th October) in Sintra and then progressed towards Cascais is the third in that area in a few days.

The Judicial Police are investigating the fire, reported the Expresso and a local information site, Cascais 24 . The fire has since been extinguished

According to Cascais 24, this was the third fire that, within a few days, broke out in the Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais.

José Palha Gomes, the commander of the Alcabideche Fire Brigade, who coordinated the operations, was cautious about the origin of the fire: “It is a matter for the authorities to investigate.”

Basílio Horta, mayor of Sintra, said, according to the Expresso , that “it is very strange that the fire started at 10.30.” Very strong winds carried the flames to the coastal zone of the Natural Park located in the municipality of Cascais.

A total of 347 people were evacuated, 300 of them from a campsite in Guincho (municipality of Cascais) and 47 from housing. The fight against the flames involved almost 800 operatives and seven aerial means. There were 18 light casualties, 17 of which were firefighters