On 28th May 2014, following a 5 month investigation, PSP Lagos arrested two foreign nationals aged 36 and 32 years for trafficking in narcotics.

These arrests came as a result of efforts by the Lagos Police to eradicate drug trafficking in the city of Lagos. As a result of the investigation it was possible to identify those involved in the supply of narcotics to consumers that city.

During the execution of search warrants issued by Judicial Authority, 442 doses of heroin, 220 doses of cocaine, 24 doses of hashish, € 1,176 in cash, two precision scales, one electric mill, 4 computers , 8 phones , two cameras, one canister of CS gas and several gold articles were seized.

With these arrests the District Command of Faro believed to have contributed to improving the feeling of security among residents of Lagos .

The two will appear before the  Judicial Authority today.