The land borders between Portugal and Spain will remain controlled until 00:00 on June 15 due to the pandemic of the covid-19 disease, according to the resolution of the Councils of Ministers today published in Diário da República .

The control of land borders with Spain has been carried out since 23:00 on 16 March at nine authorized crossing points due to the covid-19 pandemic, and this control ends at 00:00 on Thursday.

The resolution published in Diário da República extends, “on an exceptional and temporary basis, the reinstatement of the control of people at the borders with Spain until 00:00 hours of June 15, 2020”.

“Taking into account the assessment of the epidemiological situation in Portugal and the European Union and the measures proposed by the European Commission, it is important to guarantee internal security through appropriate measures that contain the possible contagion lines, among which, the maintenance of replacement, exceptionally and temporary, of the control of people at the borders, with some exceptions ”, says the resolution, stressing that these measures were agreed between the Portuguese and Spanish governments.

The resolution establishes that between 00:00 hours on 14 May and 00:00 hours on 15 June 2020, “without prejudice to a reevaluation every 10 days and possible extension, the control of people at the borders is restored Portuguese internal markets ”.

The resolution published today extends the possibility of crossing borders to seasonal workers with documented work relationships.

Within the scope of border control, tourist and leisure travel between the two countries is prevented, with only the transport of goods, cross-border workers, seasonal workers, emergency and rescue vehicles and emergency services being allowed.

The operating border points are Valença-Tuy, Vila Verde da Raia-Verín, Quintanilha-San Vitero, Vilar Formoso-Fuentes de Oñoro, Monfortinho-Cilleros Thermal Springs, Marvão-Valencia de Alcântara, Caia-Badajoz, Vila Verde de Ficalho -Rosal de la Frontera and Castro Marim-Ayamonte.