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PSP seize weapons and drugs in operation in Lisbon neighbourhoods - 10 /11/ 2019

Lisbon’s PSP seized several weapons this week, from shotguns, sabres, slashes and daggers, in three Lisbon neighbourhoods, where some people live in “scenarios of extreme violence,” the Metropolitan Command said on 10th November.

Last Thursday 7th November, PSP carried out a special crime prevention operation in the Lisbon parishes of Beato, Marvila and Penha de França.

The operation was based on “a series of firearms disorders and aggressions in the vicinity of specific neighbourhoods of these Lisbon parishes, focusing on the detection of firearms, ammunition, their components and other prohibited material under the Arms Law”, announced PSP press office today.

Police carried out more than 20 home and non-home searches that resulted in the seizure of a wide-barrelled shotgun, a carbine and two air-rifle guns for sport shooting.

Four sabres, one rattle and eight daggers were seized, as well as more than half a hundred rounds of ammunition and about two thousand air pellets.

PSP also found 38 doses of hashish and a mill with cocaine residues, according to the statement sent to newsrooms.

Under this operation, the police detained two people, and under a “pending warrant of arrest and conducting the prison for serving a two-year prison sentence” for drug trafficking.

Three other people were constituted as defendants and were subject to identity and residence for possession of firearms, ammunition and components.

PSP believes that “in addition to the objective results already listed, it will have been able to reinforce the security levels of the population living in these residential areas”.

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