The Judiciary Police, through the Department of Criminal Investigation of Leiria, under investigation by the DIAP of the district of Santarém, conducted an operation that culminated in the location and detention of six men suspected of being responsible for crimes of extortion, qualified robbery, possession of prohibited weapons, drug trafficking, resistance and coercion, assault and threats.

For more than a year, the detainees have been linked to each other with a common purpose of carrying out these crimes resulting in fear in the communities of Entroncamento and Torres Novas, namely merchants and persons conducting businesses.

Using violence or threats of ill-treatment, they obtained tens of thousands of euros by threatening people. In addition, some elements of the gang carried out repeated acts of violence against agents and facilities of public authority.

In the course of the police action a minor was located who had been missing from the host institution since last July.

Those detained, aged between 20 and 47 years, without defined professional occupation, all with a criminal background, will be present to the competent judicial authorities for first judicial interrogation and application of coercion measures considered appropriate.