Limitation on movement to and from Lisbon Metropolitan area


Article 3A of Decree76-A/2021 17th June

Circulation to and from the Lisbon Metropolitan Area between 15:00 on June 18 and 06:00 on June 21 is prohibited, without prejudice to the exceptions provided for in article 11 of the Decree No. 9/2020 , of 21 November, which are applicable with the necessary adaptations.

Article 11 of Decree 9/2020 of 21st November 2020 states

1 – Citizens may not move outside the municipality of the domicile  between ………………………………………………………….., except for reasons of health or other urgent reasons.

2 – The provisions of the previous number do not apply:

a) Travel to perform professional or similar functions, as attested by:

i) Declaration issued by the employer or equivalent;

ii) Commitment of honour, if the travel takes place between municipalities adjacent to the home or in the same metropolitan area, as well as in the case of workers in the agricultural, livestock and fisheries sector;

iii) Declaration issued by the self, in the case of self-employed workers, individual entrepreneurs or members of a statutory body;

b) Displacements in the exercise of their functions or because of them, without the need for a statement issued by the employer or equivalent:

i) Health professionals and other workers from health and social support institutions, as well as teaching and non-teaching staff in schools;

ii) Personnel of civil protection agents, security forces and services, military, militarized and civilian personnel of the Armed Forces and inspectors of the Food and Economic Security Authority (ASAE);

iii) Holders of sovereign bodies, heads of the social partners and political parties represented in the Assembly of the Republic and persons holding a free pass issued under the terms of the law;

iv) Ministers of worship, upon accreditation by the competent bodies of the respective church or religious community, pursuant to paragraph 2 of article 15 of Law no. 16/2001, of 22 June, in its current wording;

v) Staff of diplomatic and consular missions and international organizations located in Portugal, as long as they are related to the performance of official functions;

c) Traveling by minors and their accompanying persons to schools, day care centres and leisure activities, as well as traveling by students to higher education institutions or other educational establishments;

d) Traveling by users and their accompanying persons to Occupational Activities Centres and Day Centres;

e) Traveling to attend training courses and take tests and exams, as well as inspections;

f) Travel to participate in procedural acts with judicial entities or in acts under the competence of notaries, lawyers, solicitors, registrars and registry officers, as well as to attend public services, provided they are provided with proof of the respective appointment;

g) The necessary displacements to leave the mainland national territory;

h) Traveling by non-resident citizens to places of proven permanence;

i) Displacement for other imperative family reasons, namely the fulfillment of the sharing of parental responsibilities, as determined by agreement between the holders of the same or by the competent court;

j) When returning home.

3 – Private vehicles may circulate on public roads to carry out the activities mentioned in the previous number or for refueling at gas stations within the scope of the journeys mentioned in the previous numbers.

4-the restriction provided for in paragraph 1 does not prevent movement between the parcels of municipalities where there is territorial discontinuity.

5-Without prejudice to the provisions of the preceding paragraphs, in all displacements carried out, the recommendations and orders determined by the health authorities and by the security forces and services, in particular those relating to the distances to be observed between people, must be respected.