Ministry of Health did not comply with the law and has not yet replaced contact with prefix 808.

The Ministry of Health revealed to the JN that “the SNS24 will remain free for the citizen”, although the number has not yet changed, as the legislation in force requires. Even so, doubts about whether line 808 24 24 24, which became toll free in April 2020, at the first peak of the covid-19 pandemic, would return to costs for those who make the call and for those who receive it.

In article 9 of Law no. 7/2020, of April 10, it is mentioned that, given the specificity of the service provided by the SNS24 line, “the Ministry of Health must, within a maximum period of 60 days, counting from the date of entry into force of this law, replace the number of the SNS24 with prefix 808 with a special number, ensuring its total free of charge for users “. The cost issue is assured, but the number remains the same.

The Ecological Party “Os Verdes” asked the Ministry of Health , under Law No. 7/2020 , which resulted from its proposal, “why has it not yet replaced the contact number prefix 808, with a toll-free number? prefix 800, without any cost to the user “. Awaits the reply.