The GNR Coastal Control Detachment Lisbon seized on 4th August in Lisbon and Samouco, 4.3 tons of bivalves in three catches, all with the estimated value of more than €30,000.

The surveillance operation was aimed at the detection of offenses related to professional fishing, catch of prohibited species and harvesting and illegal transportation of bivalves.

During the inspection at the estuary of the Tagus River, the GNR detected several offenses related to professional fishing, and seized 300 kilograms of clams, which is forbidden to catch in the river Tagus.

In the area of ​​Samouco, the GNR seized a shipment of 4 tons of bivalves from a man who was not licensed to practice harvesting of bivalve, nor had any documents attesting to its origin.

Bivalves because they are alive were returned to their natural habitat.