A Groundforce official was beaten “brutally” by two passengers on a TAP flight who were able to get off the plane and access the runway at Lisbon airport, the SITAVA coordinator said.

Speaking to the Lusa news agency, Fernando Henriques said that the incident took place on 2nd June on a 10:30 flight from Paris, where two passengers were able to get out of the plane and assault the employee of Groundforce.

According to the head of the Union of Aviation Workers and Airports (SITAVA), the two passengers “came down to the plate and brutally assaulted a Groundforce worker who had to receive hospital care” with suspected “fractures in two ribs” Besides several abrasions.

Fernando Henriques stressed that the TAP plane was “in a remote position”, that is, located at a point on the runway that is only accessible to passengers by authorized transport, which causes the union to hold the airline responsible for the fact that the two passengers They were able to get off the plane.

TAP source Lusa confirmed that the company was aware of the incident from the report of the commander of the aircraft, who reported the misbehaviour of two passengers and that they had attacked an employee.

The same source added that the incident caused the flight to be delayed but did not confirm, however, that the alleged attackers were already inside the plane before the assaults occurred.

Already source of the Metropolitan Command of Lisbon (Cometlis) of the Police of Public Security (PSP) confirmed to Lusa that the police authorities of the airport were called because of this incident, having the two alleged aggressors been identified but not detained.