Civil protection

Safe Communities Portugal’s role includes helping to create public awareness in areas such as forest fire prevention and others areas involving public safety. Setting fire to forests, whether deliberately or through negligence, can result in a major disaster with possible loss of life, injury and destruction of infrastructure, land and property. Much of this is preventable.

The specific roles of Safe Communities Portugal in such circumstances is to support the work of the authorities such as the ANPC (National Civil Protection Agency), Bombeiros, GNR and other agencies, by helping to disseminate information to the international  community in Lisbon, through this website, our newsletter and various seminars and displays.

Much of the area to the north of Lisbon including Sintra, is rural with many forests. Fires in the past have devastated some of these areas which have now re-grown. In is important therefore to protect this environment and this is the responsibility of all of us.


Your role in civil protection

The ANPC produces daily information on its website concerning the location and details of forest fires and other major incidents in Portugal. It is important especially during the dry season to check this information to ascertain the location of such fires and occurrences to avoid travelling to these areas. If you are in these areas these pages also keep you up to date with developments concerning the deployment of emergency services. Simply click “Forest Fires” and “Other occurrences” to obtain the daily information.

To keep up to date with the fire risk in municipalities check the IPMA (Instituto Portuguese do Mar e da Atmosfera) website here

To quickly check the location of fires on a map and their status click here.

The IMPA is also provides extensive weather information including daily air temperatures in your area; this can be found here.

Windfinder specializes in wind, waves, tides and weather reports and forecasts for wind related sports like kite surfing, windsurfing, surfing, sailing or paragliding.

These are the real-time measurements from weather stations in Lisbon and other areas in Portugal. Check the current wind and weather observations when travelling to Lisbon or during a vacation or sailing trip. The wind report map for Portugal gives you an overview to find the best conditions before heading to the beach, surf spot or launch site to go kiteboarding, windsurfing, surfing, sailing or paragliding.

In May 2015 we produced a comprehensive newsletter about forest fires, the critical fire period, how and when to clean your land and contacting the emergency services. Download here to obtain your copy.

All prevention and protection information is from official resources.

Resource Centre Downloads

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