According to the balance of the Lisbon region, Social Security, Tax and the National Health Service were the targets of 357 frauds worth €44.9 million

The state was the victim of fraud last year to a total of 45 million euros, just in the region of Lisbon, the largest region in the country. The losses were a result of 357 recorded crimes, an average of around one per day.

The targets were in most cases, the National Health Service (SNS), Social Security or the Treasury. The data appeared in the annual report of the Public Prosecution Service in the District of Lisbon, regarding investigations carried out in the last 12 months.

In total there were 357 scams to the State investigated, with the average value of almost 126 thousand euros, per case. However, in some of these cases, the value of the injury to the State surpassed this average.

At the final stage of the proceedings, 320 cases were tried resulting in 198convictions or 61.8%.

The report also reveals that 57 cases of corruption were tried, of whom 46 resulted in convictions.