Four members of the same family, who are headed by a 41-year-old man, ran a drug trafficking network for the entire Lisbon Metropolitan Area.

They were detained up by the PSP with almost 20 kilos of narcotics, valued at 600,000 euros, which could double by cutting the drug.

Commissioner Ribeiro, of the Criminal Investigation Division of the PSP of Lisbon, explained that traffickers rented high-end cars to transport the drug. In a BMW, the police took them “nine kilos of heroin and 5.3 cocaine hidden in a component of the vehicle, a tank that was emptied and used by the network as a hiding place for the drugs.

The 5.5 kilograms of hashish were found in the family home. “This is the biggest apprehension of the year by the PSP,” said Nelson Ribeiro. “The group was trafficking for the entire Lisbon Metropolitan Area and selling it to consumers and small traffickers. It is understood that the group – two men and two women, with no criminal record – were going to sell the drugs abroad. In addition to drugs and money, PSP also picked up material that would be used to mix (cut) the pure drug and multiply the doses.