On 13th February at around 1020 hrs, three persons wearing latex masks broke their way into the “Boutique dos Relogios Plus” jewellery shop in Centro Comercial Amoreiras in Lisbon.

They then smashed glass windows and panels using sledge hammers before escaping with watches with an estimated value in excess of one million euros.

The three robbers walked through the centre without any regards to CCTV cameras and members of the public.

Watches stolen include individual items with a sales price of €190,000 each.

During their escape the robbers pointed pistols at people in restaurants in the shopping centre. They then left through an emergency exit before using three motorcycles parked in the basement of the shopping centre to escape.

The Judicial Police are investigating.


It appears to have been a well planned robbery. Clearly question marks concerning security at the centre that also need to be reviewed.