The Judicial Police, through the Board of Lisbon and Tagus Valley, have arrested of a man aged 45 years for committing a robbery and kidnapping.

The investigation found that during the night in early October last year, the victim, a man aged 24 years, was approached by the suspect when he parked his car in the Lisbon area and forced by threat with a firearm, to move to the back seat of the car.  He was then taken to several ATMs and forced to withdraw money over a period of two hours. The suspect stole the car and other property of the victim.

At the end of the same month, the suspect approached another victim, a managed 60 years old who had just closed his establishment and was preparing to get into the car. Under the threat of a firearm the suspect stole money he had in his possession and the keys of his car.

The detainee will appear for first judicial interrogation, which will be subject to appropriate enforcement measures. The judicial Police is continuing their investigation to ascertain the possibility that the suspect is involved in other criminal cases like.