On 10th November 2014 the Judicial Police Officers (North Board), with the close collaboration of the Spanish Civil Guard, identified and arrested a man for alleged  international drug trafficking by air, in yesterday, in the area adjacent to Lisbon airport. The defendant, aged 45 years who is a truck driver, was arrested in possession of two suitcases, inside of which were 40 rectangular boxes containing  approximately 46 kgs of the drug.

The cocaine originated from Caracas. – Venezuela and was intended for the consumer market in the  Iberian Peninsula. In addition to the drugs, mobile phones, cash, documents and various other items were seized.

In the course of the investigations three other men and a woman, all Spanish nationals, were detained in Spain, by the ECO-GALICIA Spanish Civil Guard. The five detainees, aged between 40 and 60 years of age will appear before courts in the respective countries, for determination of remand conditions.