On 20th December at 1830 hrs the Metropolitan Command of Lisbon PSP, through the Police Division of Sintra, at the toll plaza of the Vasco da Gama Bridge (A12 direction Algarve-Lisboa), arrested, a man aged 48 years caught in the act of drug trafficking.

Following investigation, the suspect was intercepted in the Vasco da Gama Bridge toll zone, when he was preparing to pay the said fee.

After the suspect and car were searched the PSP found in the boot of the car four bags with various packaging of narcotics, suspected to be hashish, with a weight of more than  59 kg .

A house search was made at the residence of the suspect and several portions of narcotic product suspected of being hashish were located and seized:

In the car:

–  118,798 doses of narcotic product suspected to be hashish .

In the possession of the suspect:

– 1 Vehicle;

– 2 Mobile phones;

– 110 Euros;

In the residence:

–  200.32 Product Doses narcotic, suspected Hashish .