The two Algerians who fled Thursday afternoon from Lisbon airport, after jumping the fence, were picked up at dawn in Gare do Oriente by agents of the PSP’s criminal investigation department, the DN knows.

Speaking to Lusa, spokesman for the national command of the PSP, Hugo Palma, said that the two Algerians were detained in the Parque das Nações around 00:30.

“Following the flight, a criminal investigation team at the East gare terminal approached two individuals, requested identification and confirmed that it corresponded to the two individuals who had escaped from the airport.

The two men had fled when a group of five Algerians (four men and one woman) boarded a flight bound for Algiers and “managed to advoid the protection network at Lisbon airport,” said the statement from the PSP.

This is not the first time similar cases have occurred at Lisbon airport, involving Algerian citizens as well.

In October 2016, SEF and PSP prevented the flight of three passengers arriving at Lisbon airport on a flight from Morocco in an action that led to the arrest of six citizens of North Africa who were traveling on a flight from Casablanca, Morocco , To Algiers, the capital of Algeria, with a stopover in Lisbon.