The Metropolitan Command of the PSP of Lisbon, through the Criminal Investigation Division, on July 22 at 17:30 in the parish of Santa Maria Maior in Lisbon, executed an arrest warrant issued by the Judicial Authority, by arresting a man and a woman aged 52 and 58 years, suspected of carrying our robberies.

After investigation it was possible to verify that the couple perpetrated robberies through the use of violence and / or through the use of tablets that left the victims completely unconscious, which enabled them to steal the victim’s property. Subsequently, the victims were abandoned, unconscious, in the middle of the street, waking hours later, already in the hospital.

After investigation, it was possible to identify two suspects who were recognized by the victims.

A house search was carried out at the residence of the suspects and several articles were seized in the value of several thousands of euros, articles these bought with a credit card stolen from one of the victims. In the possession of the suspicion, several tablets were seized, whose chemical composition will be analysed.

The detainees, without any criminal record related to this type of illicit, were present at the Central Instance, 1st Criminal Investigation Section of the Court of the District of Lisbon, for 1st judicial interrogation, and were remanded in curody.