The Minister of Home Affairs Eduardo Cabrita said in Brussels Monday that the latest terrorist attack in London shows how “it is essential” that the United Kingdom and the European Union continue to cooperate in the fight against terrorism, regardless of Brexit. .

“When there is an attack on the London Bridge, even at this moment when the United Kingdom could come out of the European Union, we consider that in this security matter we are all Europeans and therefore police cooperation, cooperation in the area of terrorism, cooperation in information systems will continue, “said Eduardo Cabrita, following a meeting of EU interior ministers.

Underlining that this was the first ministerial meeting with the new European Commission, Eduardo Cabrita pointed out that at this “beginning of a new phase” the main priorities for migration were discussed (Vice-President Margaritis Schinas, Director of “Promotion of the European Way of Life) and police cooperation on internal security (Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson).

In the area of ​​cooperation in the area of ​​internal security, the minister stressed “the priority given to strengthening interoperability mechanisms between national systems and European agencies – such as Frontex, Europol, and eu-LISA – and the solidarity of all European states in the fight against terrorism “.

“What happened last Friday in the United Kingdom shows that, whatever happens in the coming weeks with Brexit, cooperation with the United Kingdom is essential in this area of ​​terrorist risk prevention. The United Kingdom, we regret, but it may actually leave the EU, but it cannot leave Europe, “said Eduardo Cabrita.