Between 5th – 11th February the GNR SEPNA unit from the  Territorial Command of Viseu, in Lordosa, in the municipality of Viseu, identified five men and one woman, aged between 40 and 69, for the crime of forest fires. These resulted from burning debris which became out of control.

In the same period, in the parish of Bodiosa, two men were identified for being burned for renovation of the pasture, without having the necessary license. Such Burning is permitted only outside the critical period, and provided the fire risk index is below the high level, with licensing being compulsory in the respective town hall or by the parish council. If it is granted it should be in the presence of an accredited technician to control the burning or, in his / her absence, a team of firefighters or forestry team.

The four forest fire suspects will be heard at the Viseu District Court on February 14.