On 15th May 2014 in the afternoon, the GNR Loulé undertook an operation to combat drug trafficking involving the execution of a search warrant at a residence located in Almancil.

The operation, was the culmination of an investigation which commenced several months ago and resulted in the arrest of a citizen aged 30 years for the crime of drug trafficking.

Whilst conducting the search of the residence 605 individual doses of hashish, plus 170 euros in cash, 49 rounds of 6.35 mm caliber ammunition, brass knuckles, 9 mobile phones and various items into gold were located and seized.

During the operation the GNR identified multiple consumers on site where the suspect was engaged in selling the drugs.  The GNR believe the conclusion of this investigation has given a strong blow to trafficking of drugs in Almancil.

It was noted that the individual has been arrested on other occasions for the same type of crime. He appeared at the Judicial District Court of Loulé for an application to be remanded in custody