Loulé – Person arrested for Possession of illegal weapons and drug trafficking

On the early hours of 12th March 2014 GNR Loulé conducted an anti-crime operation involving the execution of a search warrant at a residence located in Alte, within the municipality of Loulé.

The operation was the culmination of a 3 month investigation and resulted in the arrest of a Portuguese citizen, aged 61 years old, drug trafficking and the unlawful possession of various weapons.

During the operation the following was seized: three shotguns, two semi-automatic weapons, a rifle, a compressed air weapon, a telescopic sight, tear gas canister, dozens of cartridges and ammunition of various calibre (including military ammo), and various knives and a military helmet. A small quantity of drugs was also seized; namely four individual doses of marijuana.

The detainee is to appear at the Judicial District Court of Loulé for remand pending trial.

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