On 6th March 2014 the  Center of Criminal Investigation GNR Loulé, arrested a 47 year old man for operating an illegal scrapyard and seized several stolen items.

The operation involved a search of his residence, in which, four LCD three electric pumps for water, three air conditioning motors, a water heater, an electric boiler, one shredder, two compressors, a welding machine, a chainsaw, leaf blower, two car radios, various taps and mixers new, and  several hundred feet of copper wire electricity and telecommunications, worth together around €10,000.

Also seized was €3600 euros, which is suspected to originate from the activity of buying and selling junk and stolen material plus a caliber 6.35 weapon. The scrapyard was finally closed and sealed for lack of license.

Also seized were two potentially dangerous breed of dogs without the appropriate documentation. The arrested person will appear before the Court of Loulé.