It has been confirmed that three people have died in the Madeira fires.

At least 37 homes in the historic area have been burned.

Reports are that “Choupana Hills” the popular 5 star hotel resort in the high area of Funchal with the same name, was “totally taken” by fire during the night.

Over 1000 people evacuated including tourists

Centre of Funchal is closed

Shopping Centre in Sao Pedro Funchal was in flames, fire fighters are at the scene.

The Madeira Regional Government requested support and today an Air Force plane will transport from the mainland the second national commander accompanied by a team of 36 formed by the GNR GIPS [Group Protection Intervention and Relief and regular and volunteer firefighters and members of the INEM, the Prime Minister, António Costa, told reporters after a meeting at the ANPC HQ in Lisbon. The use of overseas support has been approved by the Prime Minister.