According to Funchal airport authority, 13 departure flights have so far been already been cancelled for today 5th December due to high winds. This is also reflected in flights to Funchal some of which have also be cancelled

TAP has cancelled a number of flights as they plan ahead, and a gust on 108 km/hr at the airport last night caused an EasyJet flight to return to Lisbon.

Porto Santo Line has announced that the ferry scheduled for today, inbound and outbound, will be cancelled “due to bad weather conditions that could jeopardize the safety of the ship and its passengers”. Tickets scheduled for this date will be automatically transferred to the 6th December trip, at 8 am from Funchal to Porto Santo and 2 pm from Porto Santo to Funchal.

The IPMA has issued an Orange level high winds warning until 5TH December at 1500 hrs and in some areas 2100 hrs and Civil Protection Madeira has advised:

  • Close doors and windows and remove loose objects on the balconies and pecs of the windows;
  • Wherever possible, avoid travel to areas affected by this type of weather situation.
    do not move through areas with poorly maintained buildings due to the risk of landslides;
  • Pay attention to mounted structures (Scaffolding, awnings, tents, roofs), which could be affected by stronger winds as well as a possibility of falling trees;
  • There are risks if hiking, especially in mountain areas, exposed slopes and coastal areas, and people should take care in outdoor activities during the period in which the warning is applied.