The Territorial Command of Madeira, during its daily operational activity, from November 27 to 29, carried out a set of actions directed to the prevention and combat of tax and customs infractions, as well as surveillance of the coast and the sea territory, throughout the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

On November 27, 17 actions relating to administrative misconduct were taken, during an inspection operation for the control and circulation of goods:

  • 11 due to lack of presentation of the code sent by the Tax Authority (mandatory code on transport guides)
  • Four for lack of transport guide;
  • Two for failure to indicate the time of commencement of transport.

During an inspection action, aimed at combating the irregular introduction of products subject to excise duties, on November 28, the GNR seized 580 litres of alcoholic beverages, with a total and presumed value of EUR 3 500. The seizure was made because they did not comply with the rules of sealing, packaging, holding and marketing. It should be noted that this type of infringement, in addition to being liable to a maximum fine of 165 thousand euros, also promotes unfair competition between economic operators, and may also become a public health problem, since this type of beverage is not subject to any sanitary control.

On 29th November 148 kilos of fish were seized at Cais de Câmara de Lobos. The action was carried out in the context of a complaint filed concerning the illegal fishing activity. A man was identified and a report for misconduct was made.