Between 23 and 28 February, the Regional Police of the Public Security Police of Madeira registered 25 arrests most of them were driving under the influence of alcohol (19). One person was detained for drug trafficking, two for driving without a license; and two under an arrest warrant.

The figures are the result of Operation Always Present Police – Carnival in Security 2017 that the CR PSP Madeira developed in its area of ​​responsibility.

In the reference period, 1484 doses of hashish were seized.

In the scope of the inspection to establishments the PSP detected 10 infractions to the existing legislation.

On the road side, PSP checked 1165 vehicles, having detected 118 infractions, of which 39 were for illegal parking; 9 for mobile phone use while driving; 14 for lack of inspection and 12 for not wearing a seat belt. Some 20 vehicles were still detected for speeding.

In terms of road fatalities, the PSP registered a total of 49 accidents, resulting in 12 minor injuries and two serious injuries.