The prosecutor accused two people of negligent homicide of a girl who died after having “flown” inside an inflatable bouncy castle, installed in the parking lot of a restaurant, in Madeira.

According to the information provided on Wednesday on the website of the District Attorney’s Office of Lisbon (PGDL), the MP requested the trial by a singular court of two defendants for the crime of gross negligence homicide in so called “inflatable case”, which occurred on May 15, 2015.

According to PGDL, the charge “was levied against the owner of the equipment and against the person responsible for operating the establishment where the equipment was installed.”

According to the same information, the two defendants are indicted for that crime because the inflatable did not comply with safety rules and was not intended for outdoor use.

It also refers to the PDGL that, “due to the gusts of wind that were felt, between 70 and 80 kilometers per hour,” the inflatable “rose in the air, with the breaking of the moorings that tied it to the ground, and flew, eventually falling from a height of about eight meters. ”

This situation ended up “causing the death of an eight-year-old child who was playing inside.”

The investigation of this case was directed by the MP of the Local Instance of Santa Cruz, Madeira.