The GNR Mafra, detained on 2nd December in that locality, two persons aged 58 and 61, for theft from a vehicle.

The action occurred following a report of theft from a vehicle. When the GNR arrived at the scene they found one of the suspects being detained by an off duty GNR agent who was on leave and who assisted the owner of the vehicle. Another suspect fled but was detained by the GNR later.

The vehicle concerned had a broken side window. Next to it was the vehicle used by the suspects, with the stolen items immediately recognized by its owner as well as his wallet with personal documents.

The vehicle of the assailants had its front and rear registration plates changed by stickers, hiding the true numbers. There was another sticker on the inside of the vehicle to change other parts of the vehicle number.

After having consulted the records, it was verified that the suspects were wanted in connection with several thefts in different areas of the country. They used a modus operandi involving the surveillance of people entering and leaving banking institutions, follow them to a place where they parked, and then they broke into the vehicles.

Following the inspection and search of the suspects’ vehicle, a number of tools were also seized used to carry out thefts and break-ins, including screwdrivers, glass breaking devices and gloves for tool handling, as well as the vehicle used.

The detainees will be present at the Judicial Court of the District of Lisbon West in Sintra.